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Contact Info

Archives Administrator
Johnathan Scanlon
6848 S. Revere Parkway
Centennial, CO 80112-6709
Tel: 720-250-1560 • Fax: 720-250-1589

Requests Pertaining to Military Records

The Department of Military and Veterans Affairs Archives hold the military personnel records pertaining to:

  • Retired or discharged members of the Colorado Army National Guard
  • Retired or discharged members of the Colorado Air National Guard

Important Notes

Records Request Form - Standard Form 180

To request records please send a filled out and signed Standard Form 180 (download link below) to the Archives Administrator (contact info).

Standard Form 180

Information available includes

  • DD-214 Certificate of Release or Discharge From Active Duty
  • NGB-22 Report of Separation and Record of Service
  • NGB-22A Correction of NGB-22
  • NGB-23 Retirement Points Record
  • NGB-0122 Federal Recognition Appointment Order (Officers Only)
  • 20 Year Retirement Letter (National Guard)
  • DD-4 Enlistment Contract

NOTE: All records do not contain every item of information listed above. Please check with the Archivist to determine what information is available.

Latest News

Due to the number of full time COARNG personnel that have been activated and deployed, Archives may not have your records if you have were discharged or retired from the Colorado Army National Guard within the last 36 months.

If we do not have your records you must contact the COARNG Military Personnel Office (MILPO) at 720-250-1330/1331 to determine the status of your records. We apologize for any inconvience.

DMVA 640-2 Archive Policy 1 January 2008.pdf
State of Colorado - Archives


DoD and Military Identification


Contact Info
6848 South Revere Parkway, (1st floor)
Centennial, CO 80112

Operations by Appointment ONLY (Required)
Hours of Operation:
Tuesday through Friday, 08:00 to 16:00
Phone: 720-250-1315

Grand Junction

Contact Info - Deer/ID Cards
482 28 Road
Grand Junction, CO

Appointments preffered but walk-ins are accepted
Hours of Operation:
Mon - Fri, 08:30 to 16:00
Phone: 970-257-3762

Contact Info - DA Photo Studio
482 28 Road
Grand Junction, CO

Appointments REQUIRED
Hours of Operation:
Mon - Fri by appointment
Phone: 970-257-3762


  • Issue DOD ID cards, including CAC (Common Access Card), to those with a (DEERS) record showing eligibility.  
    NOTE: Requires that the recipient (aged 18 or older) present two forms of government-issued identification, one of which must be a photo ID.  These may include a valid (not expired) driver’s license or passport, any DOD id card (may NOT be expired), the original or a certified copy of a birth certificate, an original Social Security card
  • This office issues CAC to military members, DOD Civilians and DOD Contractors.  In addition to CAC, this office issues ID cards to eligible Military or DOD Civilian Retirees and their dependents, 
  • Research and have corrected DEERS record discrepancies that are depriving individuals of legitimate entitlements.
  • Process DEERS transactions such as the addition of a spouse, children, step-children, custodial children (requires the original of a court order of custody), processing of a divorce (requires valid court order), update of the eligibility of dependent children over the age of twenty-one who are full-time college students, and the record update of retirees who have enrolled in Medicare Part B for Tricare benefit purposes. 
  • This office also assists those attempting to extend benefit eligibility, including Tricare, to otherwise ineligible dependents with medical disabilities, as well as parents or in-laws who can establish dependency. (These cases must be approved by the Defense Finance and Accounting Service -DFAS).  
  • This office also provides limited guidance on Tricare enrollment procedures and benefits.

Military Family Relief Fund Application

The Military Family Relief Fund Application

A fund has been established by Colorado legislators and is available to military personnel who meet certain criteria. The specific requirements are listed below, as well as the application, and information sheet. For more specific information, and/or to speak with the appropriate representative reference the contact numbers listed below.

For Colorado National Guard and Reserve Military Members Who Meet These Requirements

  • The Service Member is currently on active military duty for a minimum of thirty (30) days on overseas mobilization orders;
  • The Service Member or the family member of the Service has submitted a complete application;
  • The Service Member is a Colorado resident for income tax purposes as evidenced by a current Leave and Earning Statement

If you meet the above mentioned criteria please download the following forms (below), and fill them out with with the appropriate information.

MFRF Application
Info Sheet MFRF

NOTE: This is NOT an emergency fund, so applications are reviewed at a monthly meeting, approximately every 30 days. All documentation that is required by the instructions must accompany the application.


Contact Info

Army National Guard
Charlene Shields

Air National Guard
Michelle Abarca

Army Reserve
CSM Kristal Florquist

Marine Reserves
James Heitman

Navy Reserves
PS2 Lotyease Killingsworth

Specific questions regarding the Military Family relief Fund? Contact Ms. Charlene Shields at 720-250-1190 or


Colorado Revised Statutes 28-3-1501 et sequitar - Military Family Relief Fund

Full Text


Statute text

The general assembly hereby finds and declares that, due to the many mobilizations subsequent to the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, many families of Colorado National Guard members and reservists face financial hardships when the National Guard member or reservist is called to active military duty or state active duty because the military pay of a soldier is often far less than his or her civilian salary. Because private companies often do not make up the difference in salary, military families may see a significant drop in household income while a family member is away on active military duty or state active duty. In addition, active duty military personnel and their families encounter additional hardships when the active duty member is deployed to zones in which he or she will encounter hostile fire. Many families of Colorado National Guard members, reservists, and active duty military personnel also face additional expenses caused by a long family separation. The general assembly further finds and declares that grants from the military family relief fund are intended to help families defray the costs of food, housing, utilities, medical services, and other expenses that may be difficult to afford when a family member leaves civilian employment for active military duty, is on active military duty in a hostile fire zone, or is called to state active duty by executive order of the governor.