Human Resource Forms and Policies for State DMVA Employees

Timesheet and Leave Request Forms 

Bi-Weekly Employee Timesheet

Timesheet - Monthly 2017-2018

Timesheet Policy

Leave Request Form

Victim Leave Affidavit

Overtime Policy

Dispute Resolution Forms

Grievance Form

Whistleblower Complaint Form

Appeal Dispute Form

Appeal Dispute Form Completion Instructions

Performance Management Forms

Performance Evaluation Dispute Process

Performance Goal Setting Worksheet

Performance Level III Recommendation Form

Performance Plan and Evaluation Form

Employee Incentive and Recognition Forms

Employee Incentive and Recognition Program 

Blue Spruce Award

Aspen Award

Bugle Call Award 

Mt. Elbert Award

Columbine Award 

Employee Data Forms

Colorado Application Form

Employee Information Form

First Report of Injury Form

Flu Medical Certification Form

Position Description Form

Temporary Position Description Form

Certification of Personal Services Agreement Form

Employee Benefits Information

Department of Military & Veterans Affairs Locations.pdf

Quick Guide to Employee Benefits at DMVA

Benefits Overview Video

State of Colorado Application for Announced Vacancy.pdf

Temporary Employment Information .PDF

Paid Leave.pdf

Payroll Schedule 2018

DMVA Holiday Schedule 2018

Employee Medical Insurance Rights

Payroll Forms 

Direct Deposit Form

Travel-Meeting-Training Reimbursement Form - 2018 (For travel beginning January 1, 2018 please use the 2018 Form)

W-4 Form

FMLA Forms

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding FMLA

Medical Certification Form for Employee

Medical Certification Form for Family Member

Medical Certification Form for Qualifying Exigency

Medical Certification Form for Serious Illness Injury of Servicemember

Fitness to Return to Work Form

FMLA Rights and Responsibilities Notice

Flu Medical Certification Form

Leave Sharing Forms 

Leave Share Application Form

Leave Share Donation Form

Leave Sharing Policy 

Pay Differentials Request Forms

Compression & Matching Pay Request

Acting Project Critical Skills Pay Request

Referral Award Request

Signing Bonus Request

Recruitment and Classification Forms 

New Employee Checklist for Supervisors

PDQ Functional Attributes List

Recruitment Process Checklist

Writing a Position Description Guide

DMVA Internal Policies 

Acceptable Use Policy

Archives Policy 

Buckely Badge Policy 

Cell Phone Policy 

Colorado Open Records Act 

Counter-Drug Seizure Policy 

DMVA Data Retention Policy

Delegation of Appointing Authority 

Essential Positions

Employee Recognition and Incentive Policy

Fiscal Financial Records Policy 

Grievance Policy 

Layoff Matrix Policy 

Leave Request Policy

Leave Sharing Policy 

Nepotism Policy 

Overtime Policy

Pay Differential Policy

Performance Management Program Policy 

Personal Services Policy 

Physical Fitness Policy for State Employees

Compensation Policy 

Outside Employment Policy 

Professional Development Policy

Severe Weather and Facility Closure Policy

State Campaign Coordinator Position Policy 

Temporary Pay Differential Policy 

Time Sheet Policy 

Travel Reimbursement Policy 

Violence in the Workplace Policy 

Workmans Compensation Policy 

Universal Policies for State Employees

Sexual Harassment Policy 

Anti-harassment Policy 

Affirmitive Action Policy 

ADAAA Compliance 

Equal Pay Policy 

Non-discrimination Policy 

Workplace Violence Policy

Statewide Competency Model