DoD and Military Identification

6848 South Revere Parkway, (1st floor)
Centennial, CO 80112
Operations by Appointment ONLY (Required)
Hours of Operation:
Tuesday through Friday, 08:00 to 16:00
Phone: 720-250-1315

  • Issue DOD ID cards, including CAC (Common Access Card), to those with a (DEERS) record showing eligibility.  
NOTE: Requires that the recipient (aged 18 or older) present two forms of government-issued identification, one of which must be a photo ID.  These may include a valid (not expired) driver’s license or passport, any DOD id card (may NOT be expired), the original or a certified copy of a birth certificate, an original Social Security card.
  • This office issues CAC to military members, DOD Civilians and DOD Contractors.  In addition to CAC, this office issues ID cards to eligible Military or DOD Civilian Retirees and their dependents, 
  • Research and have corrected DEERS record discrepancies that are depriving individuals of legitimate entitlements.
  • Process DEERS transactions such as the addition of a spouse, children, step-children, custodial children (requires the original of a court order of custody), processing of a divorce (requires valid court order), update of the eligibility of dependent children over the age of twenty-one who are full-time college students, and the record update of retirees who have enrolled in Medicare Part B for Tricare benefit purposes. 
  • This office also assists those attempting to extend benefit eligibility, including Tricare, to otherwise ineligible dependents with medical disabilities, as well as parents or in-laws who can establish dependency. (These cases must be approved by the Defense Finance and Accounting Service -DFAS).  
  • This office also provides limited guidance on Tricare enrollment procedures and benefits.