DMVA Publications

Below is a list of DMVA Publications Documents, and Forms. Click on the PDF files below to access the documents. 

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PDF icon Acceptable Use Policy 03-01-2008 .pdf50.98 KB

PDF icon Accounts_Payable_Invoices_03-01-2004.pdf105.18 KB

PDF icon Archive Request Policy 08-01-2010 .pdf66.15 KB

PDF icon Archives Policy 08-01-2010.pdf126.8 KB

PDF icon Buckley Badge Policy 06-01-2003 .pdf174.23 KB

PDF icon Cell Phone Policy 08-01-2010 .pdf193.84 KB

PDF icon DMVA Colo. Open Records Act Policy 01 JUL 16.pdf181.49 KB

PDF icon Counter-Drug Seizure Funds Policy 01-01-2008.pdf104.75 KB

PDF icon DMVA Data Retention Policy 01 DEC 16.pdf71.32 KB

PDF icon Delegation of Appointing Authroity .pdf

PDF icon Essential Positions 11-01-2010.pdf99.77 KB

PDF icon Employee Recognition and Incentive Policy 01-01-2009 .pdf212.35 KB

PDF icon Fiscal Financial Records Mgmt 03-01-2004 .pdf17.83 KB

PDF icon Grievance Procedure Policy 06-01-2004.pdf158.72 KB

PDF icon Layoff Matrix Policy 07-15-2009 .pdf94.04 KB

PDF icon Leave Requests Policy 11-01-2010 .pdf103.78 KB

PDF icon Leave Sharing Policy 05-01-2009 .pdf110.32 KB

PDF icon Nepotism Policy.PDF138.36 KB

PDF icon Overtime Policy 02-01-2009.pdf130.5 KB

PDF icon Pay Differential Policy 08-25-2008.pdf162.54 KB

PDF icon Performance Management Program Policy 04-01-2007.pdf412.06 KB

Microsoft Office document icon Personal Services Policy 6-20-14.doc105.5 KB

PDF icon Physical Fitness Policy for State Employees 05-01-2009 .pdf87.67 KB

Microsoft Office document icon Policy - Compensation.doc43.5 KB

PDF icon Policy Letter Format 12-15-2008 .pdf84.8 KB

PDF icon Policy-Outside Employment.pdf106.1 KB

PDF icon Professional Development Policy 07-01-2009.pdf134.44 KB

PDF icon Severe Weather and Facility Closure Policy 10-15-2008 .pdf72.99 KB

PDF icon State Campaign Coordinator Policy 07-01-2008 .pdf102.7 KB

PDF icon Sunshine Fund Policy 10-01-2008 .pdf86.18 KB

PDF icon Temporary Pay Differential Policy 07-01-2008 .pdf181.41 KB

PDF icon Time Sheet Policy 08-01-2008 .pdf105.18 KB

PDF icon Travel Reimbursement Policy 08-01-2009 .pdf478.73 KB

PDF icon Violence in the Workplace Policy .pdf275.1 KB

PDF icon Workmans Compensation Policy 06-01-2004.pdf209.01 KB