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Department of Military Affairs Archives Overview:

The Department of Military and Veterans Affairs Archives hold the military personnel records pertaining to:
  • Retired members of the Colorado Army National Guard
  • Discharged members of the Colorado Army National Guard
  • Retired members of the Colorado Air National Guard
  • Discharged members of the Colorado Air National Guard
Important Notes: 
  • Use the On-Line Military Records or National Archive sites for these records.
  • Records for individuals who have reached the age of 65 may have been transferred to State of Colorado Archives (see link above)
  • We do not archive Medical Records. Request for Medical Records must be sent to the National Archives (see link above)
**To apply for copies of the information in the archives, the SF Form 180 (see link above) must be filled out and submitted to the Archives Administrator. It can be either mailed or faxed.**
The types of information available include:
  • DD-214 (Active Duty) Certificate of Release or Discharge From Active Duty
  • NGB-22 (National Guard) Report of Separation and Record of Service
  • NGB-22A (National Guard) Correction of NGB-22
  • NGB-23 (National Guard) Retirement Points Record
  • NGB-0122 (National Guard - Officers Only) Federal Recognition Appointment Order
  • ------- (National Guard) 20 Year Retirement Letter
  • DD-4 (Active/Reserve/National Guard) Enlistment Contract
NOTE: All records do not contain every item of information listed above. Please check with the Archivist to determine what information is available.

Latest News:

Due to the number of full time COARNG personnel that have been activated and deployed, Archives may not have your records if you have were discharged or retired from the Colorado Army National Guard within the last 36 months.
If we do not have your records you must contact the COARNG Military Personnel Office (MILPO) at 720-250-1330/1331 to determine the status of your records. We apologize for any inconvience.

On-Line Military Records Request Sites: