Replace Lost or Stolen Driver License/ID - Individuals Under the Age of 21

Duplicate licenses may be issued to minors under 21 years of age and permit holders (the expiration date will not change). Please see our fee page for duplicate license fees. 

Individuals over the age of 21 must renew their driver license if it is lost or stolen.

By Mail

You may fill out the DR2989 form to request a duplicate instruction permit or minor driver license by mail.

In an Office

  • You may obtain a duplicate or renew a minor driver license or instruction permit in a driver license office.
  • Schedule an appointment to reduce your wait time - you may also visit any driver license office during normal business hours without an appointment

If visiting a driver license office to replace your license, permit or ID, be prepared to provide:

​*if no acceptable identification documents are available, issuance may be able to be completed with verbal verification of customer data and a fingerprint match.