Public Benefits

Verification of Lawful Presence - Waiver Process

If individual applicants for a public benefit cannot produce the documentation necessary to prove lawful presence, they may request a waiver through DR4678. The waiver is available for individuals who:

  • Due to a chronic health or medical condition, lack sufficient mobility to appear in person to apply for a Colorado driver license or Colorado identification card, or
  • Due to lack of a permanent physical address in Colorado, do not qualify for a Colorado driver license or Colorado identification card, or
  • May lack sufficient documentation to receive a Colorado driver license or Colorado identification card.

The waiver and all supporting documentation must be presented in person at certain full-service Colorado driver license offices. The Department of Revenue will establish an Electronic Identification Indicator for the applicant. The Electronic Identification Indicator will be valid and will be in the department's Driver License System database that indicates either an applicant's lawful presence or insufficient evidence of lawful presence.

Rules for Lawful Presence:

Department of Revenue
1 CCR 204-30 Rule 5 - Rules for Evidence of Lawful Presence
Effective August 10, 2015