Proof of Address

Two proof of physical Colorado address documents are required for following applicants:

  • First time and new applicants
  • Individuals with a Colorado driver license, instruction permit, or identification card that has been expired over one year
  • Individuals changing the address on their card
  • Individuals reinstating their driving privilege and require testing

Those individuals who are U.S. citizens or permanently lawfully present in the U.S. who are renewing their valid or expired less than one year Colorado driver license, instruction permit, or identification card can present only that document to meet the updated requirements, if the address on that document matches their current address.

Documents, letters or envelopes with labels, corrections or changes to name address or date will not be accepted.  Documents that only display a PO box number will not be accepted. 

Technicians may accept faxed documents from an established business only.

Electronic proofs of residency will be accepted.  

NOTE: Customers must update their residential address within 30 days of obtaining a permanent residence per CRS 42-2-119.