Out-of-State Transfer - Adult

You may transfer your valid, out-of-state driver license to Colorado.  It will be used for identification purposes and to waive testing requirements.  Per Colorado Revised Statute 24-60-1106, the license you previously held will be voided (it will be marked with a single hole punch in the upper right corner).  If you do not have your out-of-state driver license, you may provide a motor vehicle record from your previous state of residence to waive the written exam and drive skills tests, but you are still required to meet identity requirements.
When visiting a driver license office, please bring the following (please see the application checklist for more information):
  1. Your valid out-of-state driver license.  If your out-of-state driver license is expired less than one year it can still be used to waive the Drive Tests. However, you will need to provide additional identification documents.
  2. Your certified original state or county issued birth certificate to establish lawful presence in the U.S. (Proof of lawful presence (if U.S. citizen or permanently lawfully present in the U.S.).
  3. Your certified original state or county issued birth certificate, a U.S. passport (if applicable), or military ID (if applicable) to confirm your middle name - Identification documents
  4. If you are under the age of 18, an Affidavit of Liability or Guardianship (DR2460) must be signed by your parent/legal guardian in front of a driver license employee or notary
  5. Your Social Security Card or acceptable Proof of your Social Security number
  6. Two Proof of current physical Colorado address documents
  7. Applicable fee
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For additional information, call 303-205-5600