How COVID-19 Closure Affects Vehicle Services

The closure of our offices, as well as many county offices, has dramatically affected many people in our state who rely on these offices to properly register their vehicles. During this period of restricted customer access, DMV staff will continue to work internally supporting online, mail, and phone operations. We are working hard to adjust processes to allow as many customers as possible to use our online services. Please use online services at if at all possible.

Emissions Testing

  • With testing stations closed, we know that customers will be unable to register their vehicles until they can get an emissions test. We do not have the authority to waive emissions. We can provide a registration extension covering 60 days past the end of the Governor's Executive Order. 

Inability to Register

  • County Closures: With many county offices closing, many are wondering what to do about registering their vehicles or renewing their tags. First, vehicles must be registered in the county where you live. You cannot go to a different county to register your vehicle. Most counties are continuing to process mail-in and online transactions. Please use our online services and self-service kiosks, where available (and even in a different county from where you live, as long as your county of residence also participates). 
  • Dealership purchases: Customers who purchased vehicles at a dealership may obtain another temporary permit from the dealership.
  • Unable to renew online: If you are unable to renew/ register (including completing an emissions test) a vehicle, please complete this form for a registration extension. Please note that we do not have the authority to waive emissions.
  • Temporary Vehicle registration late-fee waivers: Effective immediately, the state is permitting counties to waive late fees for vehicle registration and renewals. This is in effect for the period of the Governor’s emergency order, plus 60 days. Customers are encouraged to use online services or self-service kiosks to complete eligible transactions.
  • Fleet Vehicle Registration- For issues with a fleet vehicle registration pleast contact the Vehicle Services Section at 303-205-5608.


  • Dealership purchases: Customers who purchased vehicles at a dealership may obtain another temporary permit from the dealership.
  • Dealer Titles: Dealers will still be able to process Dealer Resale and Duplicate titles via mail. Dealers should send titles, appropriate accompanying documents and a separate check of $25.00 for each Dealer Resale title and $8.20 or $7.20 (whichever is applicable per DR 2539A) for Duplicate title transactions to:

Colorado Department of Revenue
VSS/BOC Room 147
PO Box 173350
Denver, CO 80217-3350

The process and requirements remain the same for Dealer Resale and Duplicate title processing, other than the mode of submission is now only via mail. Dealers may include prepaid FedEx envelopes for expedited returns.

All other dealer title transactions must be sent to the County in which the customer resides. Motor Vehicle dealers are asked to submit mortgage mail paperwork via USPS during the COVID-19 closure, to ensure that it is delivered. Delivers using UPS, FedEx, etc. that require signatures should not be used as not all counties are open or receiving mail in this manner. 

Questions should be directed to: (303) 205-5608

IRP and 3PA

  • Individuals without 3PA accounts 
  • International Registration Plan (IRP):   Registration late fees will be waived and registration extensions will be allowed for 60 days from this letter with no penalties. Online and mail-in services are available, but there may be a delay in processing time. View more information on our emergency waiver

Questions should be directed to: (303) 205-5608