How COVID-19 Closure Affects Driver License Issuance

Please complete the following steps before scheduling any appointment

Visit to determine if you are eligible to complete your transaction using online services before scheduling an appointment. 

Please note: We are not currently performing drive tests at driver license offices currently due to COVID-19. However if you need to take a drive test, we have a list of driving schools to make it easier to find a school to test at.

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We continue to adjust our procedures to best serve customers as our offices reopen. Most services are available at; however, there are notable exceptions that can only be done in state offices. We have opened by appointment only to resolve some of the most important exceptions. Please check your eligiblility to use online services before scheduling an appointment. 

  • Credentials expiring March through June: All credentials expiring from March through June, which are ineligible to renew online, have received an automatic 60-day extension to their credential expiration date. Those customers should have received a letter acknowledging this extension at the address we have on file. 
  • Customers under 21 and those turning 21 are temporarily eligible to renew online.  If you want your 21+ credential, DO NOT renew until your 21st birthday or after. We cannot issue a 21+ credential if you renew prior to that date. 
  • Customers 65 and over are temporarily eligible to renew online.
  • All customers holding a current Colorado drivers license or ID can now renew online at, with some exceptions such as if you owe a ticket or child support payments, or need an updated picture or eye test. If you have tried to renew online and have been unsuccessful, please schedule an appointment for an in-office visit.

If you haven't received your driver license or ID card and need to know where it is, please visit and click on where’s my driver license/ID. If you need additional information, please email
To submit additional questions, please email Please provide as much information as possible. We try to respond to inquiries as quickly as possible, but also appreciate your patience as we continue to work to resolve customer concerns.