How COVID-19 Closure Affects Driver License Issuance

We continue to adjust our procedures to best serve customers during the office closures. Most services are available at; however, there are notable exceptions that can only be done in state offices, which are currently closed to the public. We hope to open soon by appointment to resolve some of the most important exceptions, but that depends on how well we can safeguard the health and wellness of our customers and staff and we will prioritize drivers by need for the safety and wellbeing of the citizens of Colorado first. Please check back here frequently for new guidance..

  • All customers holding a current Colorado drivers license or ID can now renew online at, with some exceptions such as if you owe a ticket or child care payments, or need an updated picture or eye test. If you have tried to renew online and been unsuccessful, please email dor_dmvcommunications for options. 
  • We cannot issue new driver licenses, instruction permits or identification cards needing a photo without an in-office visit, and offices are closed. Customers will need to wait until the offices reopen to the public. 
  • We cannot do some CO-RCSA services for undocumented immigrants or temporarily legal immigrants. Temporarily legal Coloradans must visit an office for first-time issuance, which we cannot accommodate until facilities reopen. Undocumented immigrants must set up an appointment for first-time issuance.
  • Undocumented immigrants can renew online. If they meet all requirements, undocumented Coloradans can renew their driver license, ID card or instruction permit online at Coloradans who are temporarily legal residents cannot renew online.
  • For new Coloradans who need a first time Colorado driver license or ID card, we cannot do this online. Please use your current license/ID if it has not expired and complete the transfer when our offices open up again, before it expires. If your credential is close to expiring, please check with the state of issuance, as many states have issued expiration extensions. To prepare for your visit when offices reopen, please see the out-of-state transfers webpage for information on what to bring in to our office. We cannot conduct drive tests, nor can our third-party testers until we reopen to the public.
  • We cannot conduct written tests, nor can our third-party testers until we reopen to  the public. Unfortunately, commercial driver licenses(CDL) written tests cannot be done at a third-party testing unit. These can only be done at State offices. CDL skills or road testing can be completed at a third party testing unit once they are reopened. 
  • We are unable to add endorsements, such as a motorcycle endorsement, without an in-office visit. Customers are welcome to add these endorsements after we reopen to the public.

  • Customers who had appointments scheduled during the public-office closure will need to reschedule their appointments for a date after we reopen to the public by visiting our scheduling website. Appointments have been opened for dates between April 27 and May 15, and soon will be available for 60 days in advance. These appointments may be canceled if closures are extended.

  • Commercial drivers: We cannot issue new Commercial Driver Licenses (CDLs) at this time. CDL holders with HAZMAT endorsements and Commercial license permit holders who are set to expire during our closure through April 30 will be automatically extended for 60 days from their previous expiration date. 

    On March 28, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration granted a three-month waiver allowed those with a commercial driver instruction permit who have passed the CDL driving skills test, and, unless the FMCSA waiver issued on March 24, 2020 applies, that the CLP holder has a valid non-CDL driver license, CLP, and medical certificate, is able to drive with a CDL holder who has the proper endorsements, anywhere in the vehicle. Previously CDL holders were required to be in the front seat when riding with a CLP driver. More details are available on the FMCSA's website.

    Commercial drivers who have a Medical Examiner’s Certificate expiring March 1, 2020  through April 30, 2020 will not be downgraded due to an expired MEC.


If you haven't received your driver license or ID card and need to know where it is, please visit and click on where’s my driver license/ID. If you need additional information, please email
To submit additional questions, please email Please provide as much information as possible. We try to respond to inquiries as quickly as possible, but also appreciate your patience as we continue to work to resolve customer concerns. You may also call 303-205-5600. Please be patient due to high call volume.