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Fraud alert: Some individuals are receiving calls from someone who says they were cut off in traffic. The caller states that they work at the DMV and have traced the license plate back to you. This is a fraudulent call and this person is not associated with the Division of Motor Vehicles. 

The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Investigations Unit is mandated by the Colorado Revised Statutes (CRS), Vehicles and Traffic code 42-1-222.  This Statute states the department shall establish a motor vehicle investigations unit to investigate and prevent fraud concerning the use of driver licenses, identification cards, motor vehicle titles and registrations, and other motor vehicle documents issued by the department.  The unit shall also assist victims of identity theft by means of such documents.

Due to federal and state privacy laws, we are not able to discuss any details of your motor vehicle record or any investigation until your identity has been verified.


To promote public safety through effective motor vehicle investigations, collaboration and education.


Safety and Security by ensuring: One Document, One Identity, One Record.


The MVIU investigates criminal and administrative matters on a daily basis by receiving requests for investigations relating to violations of the CRS that deal with Motor Vehicle and State Government operations and procedure.  The MVIU Investigator examines documents for authenticity, and presents facts and evidence to support any criminal prosecution or administrative sanction.


Unit Functions:

  • Investigates internal and external fraudulent activity involving motor vehicle records and documents

  • Provides assistance to  identity theft victims

  • Provides training to authorized personnel and law enforcement agencies in fraudulent document recognition

  • Supports State Government operations and procedure within the DMV

  • Supports partnering local, state, and federal agencies in the detection and prevention of criminal activity nationwide


Colorado Open Records Act:

  • If you have questions , concerns or need additional information regarding the Colorado Open Records Act, please visit the CORA page.


Report an Incident:

  • If you have reason to believe you have been a victim of identity theft or your personal identifying information has been compromised and it has impacted your motor vehicle record you can contact MVIU to determine if your case meets the requirements for an investigation.  If you have reason to believe that your Certificate of Title paperwork has been compromised and it has impacted your motor vehicle registration process you can contact MVIU to determine if your case meets the requirements for an investigation.  Please contact MVIU at



855-RPT-2DMV (855-778-2368)

or Email:


Law Enforcement Partners

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