Change Your Name

You must visit a driver license office and bring documentation showing your name change. 
Please note:  All name changes must be on file with the Social Security Administration before visiting a driver license office.  It takes at least 24 business hours for changes to be processed with the Social Security Administration. 
When visiting the driver license office, you must bring the letter from the Social Security Administration that verifies your name change or your Social Security card displaying your new name. Additionally, you must provide one of the acceptable name change documents listed below.
Adult regular license and ID holders are required to renew their license/ID to change their name. You will be required to provide proof of address documents along with a social security card or letter from Social Security Administration with your new name. Minors, permit holders and CDL holders may be issued a duplicate when changing their name. 
Customers are required to notify the Department of Revenue within 30 days of changing their name due to marriage, divorce, separation or civil union.
Acceptable name change documents include:
  • Certified marriage certificate: US, city, county, state or US territory.  
    • No church documents are accepted.  
    • Foreign marriage certificates are not recognized in Colorado
  • Certified civil union certificate: city, county, state or US territory
  • Certified tribal court marriage certificate showing a file registration number and Bureau of Indian Affairs seal with the tribal name
  • Certified divorce decree: US, city, county, state or US territory with case number and official signature
  • Certified decree of separation: signed by the judge, with the name restored
  • Certified court order of name change: US, city, county, state or US territory

A marriage/civil union certificate may now be used to add to or replace the last name(s) of a spouse/partner.  For example, a last name can be added to the middle name field.

For example, a person named Susan Jane Jones presents a certified marriage certificate with spouse's last name Smith. An acceptable name change would be:

  • Susan Jane Jones Smith
  • Susan Jones Smith
  • Susan Jane Smith Jones
  • Susan Smith Jones

Additionally, if you are using a marriage/civil union certificate to change a name, that name can be changed to any combination of the spouse/partner’s last name(s) as reflected on the social security card or letter from the Social Security Administration.

  • For example, if someone named Smith presents a certified marriage certificate with the spouse’s last name of Jones, their names could be changed to be Smith-Jones or Smith or Jones or a combination thereof.  However, the names cannot be altered and/or combined without a court ordered name change.

If the spouse/partner’s name includes two or more names separated by a hyphen or space, the customer may adopt either name (both or all parts) of the last name.

If you were married outside of the U.S., please contact your county clerk and recorder's office for instructions on how to obtain a certified Colorado marriage license that can be used to change your name.

For additional information, call 303-205-5600