Applicants who are Temporary Lawful Present Residents

If your application for a Colorado permit, driver license or identification card  is incomplete or you have failed to provide documents verifiable by the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for identity, date of birth or U.S. citizenship, the DMV may provide a Notice of Incomplete Application (NIA). You may return to the DMV with the required additional documentation or be referred to Exceptions Processing. You must have received a notice of incomplete application prior to going through Exceptions Processing. In order to receive the NIA, you will need to apply in person and bring in at least one document from the Identification Requirements Chart. It is recommended that you also bring as many documents available from the Exceptions Processing Document List that can be considered for Exceptions Processing. (Application Process)

How Exceptions Processing Works

If you are Temporary Lawfully present and are able to establish proof of lawful presence but are unable to provide an “identification document” to establish “identity” or “date of birth” you may go through Exceptions Processing and provide a number of  documents from the Exceptions Processing Document List to meet these requirements. There are no alternative documents that can be accepted for proof of temporary lawful presence.

All applications for Exceptions Processing are subject to the following:

  • A number of documents may be required from the Exceptions Processing document list
  • All documents must be originals or certified copies
  • All documents must be in English or translated to the English language
  • You must provide a name change document issued through marriage, adoption, court order or other mechanism permitted by State law or regulation for any name changes
  • If you present a document that only demonstrates a minor name spelling discrepancy, a court order of name change may not be necessary contact the Exceptions Processing Coordinator for more information
  • The DMV reserves the right to review, consider and request additional information and documentation in making determinations regarding identity, date of birth and U.S. citizenship
  • If the totality of documents gathered through Exceptions Processing does not reasonably establish your identity, date of birth or lawful presence, you shall be issued a Notice of Denial and thereafter may request a hearing with the Hearings Section of the Department


Application Process:

Step 1: If you are first time applicant, visit any driver license office and present any document(s) from the Identification Requirements Chart or Exceptions Processing Document List, if you have already applied previously and received a notice of incomplete application then skip this step and proceed to step 5.

Step 2: Complete the Exceptions Processing application (this can be completed prior to entering the office or you will be provided with one at the office).

Step 3: You will receive a notice of incomplete application with details on what additional documents you will need in order to complete the application.

Step 4: You will be provided with an Exceptions Processing document list, you will need to provide a number of documents from that list to meet the requirements that you are missing.

Step 5: Choose the method you would like to use for Exceptions Processing: Walk-In, Appointment, or Remote Exceptions Processing.

Step 6: Provide a number of documents from the Exceptions Processing Document List to the Exceptions Processing Coordinator. If using Remote EP, all documents must be submitted from a Driver License office and not from your own personal fax, mail or email.

Other: If you have reason to believe that you cannot  meet the minimum requirements through the standard process or the Exceptions Process, you may request a Notice of Denial and go through a Department Hearing.

If you are needing an Identification card for public benefit assistance you may request a Benefit Waiver at any driver license office listed on the form. A Benefit Waiver allows the DMV to verify your lawful presence using your social security number. You must provide at least one document from the Identification Requirements Chart or Exceptions Processing Document List  in order to receive the Benefit Waiver. The Benefit Waiver allows Colorado's public assistance agencies to accept the  waiver in lieu of an identification card for receiving assistance such as (TANF, WIC, and other programs that support medical, food, and monetary assistance). Contact the Driver License Administration for more information. The benefit waiver is not an identification card or used for identification purposes.