Do you know how to properly prepare and defend yourself, family and home from a wildfire?

Every year wildfires burn thousands of homes leaving homeowners devastated and wondering where and how to start rebuilding their lives.  Often times, wildfires begin unnoticed.  They spread quickly, leaving little time to pack and evacuate.

Furthermore, wildfire threats to lives and property increase as more people build homes, operate business and recreate in areas where wildlands border more urban areas.  Over the past few decades, more people are moving into an area referred to as the Wildland

Urban Interface (WUI). The WUI's are where man-made improvements, such as homes, are built close to, or within, natural terrain and flammable vegetation with high potential for wildland fire.  While residents in these areas enjoy the beauty of the environment around them, they also face the very real danger of wildfires.

In addition to the growth of people migrating to the WUI, frequent severe drought, record heat and insect infestations have contributed to higher fire danger in Colorado.  Are you at risk?  Check the Colorado Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal.  Despite the risk, everyone can take steps to prepare for wildfires.  Explore the information below to learn more about what you can do.

Cover photo courtesy of Douglas County. Other photos courtesy of FEMA/Andrea Booher and Colorado National Guard.