Community Preparedness Advisory Council

The Community Preparedness Advisory Council (CPAC) serves as the Citizen Corps Council for the State of Colorado. Membership of the CPAC is diverse and includes individuals from the following groups: Homeland Security Coordinators, individual citizens, local citizen corps councils, businesses, nonprofit organizations, Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters, government agencies and Access & Functional Needs organizations. The CPAC provides guidance to the Community Preparedness team on strategic direction and program issues. The CPAC meets monthly on the first Thursday of the month from 9 - 11 a.m. at the Division office.

Colorado Emergency Response Guide

The purpose of the State Emergency Response Guide is to offer quick reference procedures for handling an emergency situation in the work environment. Per 8 CCR 1507-41 Rules and Regulations Concerning Building Security and Occupant Protection, this Emergency Response Guide serves as the standardized guide to be used by State employees during emergency situations. The Table of Contents lists types of emergencies that an employee may encounter.
The electronic version will link you directly to the page for the instructions on what to do during that specific type of emergency. All employees should be familiar with this guide to quickly find information when an emergency does occur. Each emergency is unique and will require the use of common sense in addition to these guidelines. All employees are expected to cooperate with the implementation of these procedures during real emergencies as well as exercises designed to test these procedures. Employees who do not follow these procedures may be found to be in violation of C.R.S 18-8-104 as well as individual agency policies and may be subject to disciplinary actions. 
This document is not intended to replace standard operating procedures, laws, or regulations; it is merely a quick reference guide. This document suggests common sense practices and should be used as a guide only. The respective department’s “Emergency Action Plan” or “Emergency Operations Plan” should be read before proceeding. For assistance with the development of your emergency response team or with the implementation of this State Emergency Response Guide, please contact the Division.

Emergency Response Guide Documents

State of Colorado Emergency Response Guide

Building Security and Occupant Protection Document

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