Program Fact Sheets

Program Fact Sheets

These fact sheets will outline the following information for each of the program areas within the division:

  1. General overview of the program.
  2. Contact information for the staff assigned to the program.
  3. Products and services provided by the program.
  4. Program objectives and priorities for the current fiscal year.
  5. The program customer base.
  6. A list of program completed by the program.
  7. Program and staff recognition.

Preparedness Office

  • Grant Fact Sheet
  • Interoperable Communications Fact Sheet
  • Preparedness Program Fact Sheet
  • Training and Exercise Fact Sheet

Colorado Information Analysis Center 

  • CIAC Fact Sheet
  • Critical Infrastructure and Cyber Security Fact Sheet

Emergency Management Office

  • Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program Fact Sheet
  • Field Services Fact Sheet
  • Mitigation and Recovery Fact Sheet
  • Operations Fact Sheet
    • State Emergency Operations Center Fact Sheet

DHSEM Fact Sheet