State EOC Activated March 2 to Support State Agency Cyber Incident

The State of Colorado Emergency Operations Center (EOC) activated to a Level 3 in support of the Colorado Office of Internet Technology (OIT) and Department of Transportation (DOT) cyber incident.  

The State EOC secured verbal authorization from the Governor's Office to deploy the Colorado National Guard (CONG) Cyber Defense Force (CDF) in support of OIT.  The Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management is staffing the State EOC.  The State EOC first activated on March 1, 2018 in the afternoon and continues to operate.

A Level 3 Activation Means

A situation or threat has been identified that requires enhanced monitoring and coordination. The SEOC will be initially staffed using available DHSEM personnel. Select state agencies (for example: CDPHE, CDPS, DMVA, CDOT) are notified they may be needed to report to the SEOC.

Information Contacts