New Training Courses Available From National Domestic Preparedness Consortium

The National Domestic Preparedness Consortium (NDPC)  announced several new courses that are available to states and our local jurisdictions.  Contact your DHSEM Training and Exercise Specialist if you are interested in attending or hosting one of these courses.  Or, follow the DHSEM course coordination process as outlined on the Training and Exercise Section webpages. 

New Course List

  • AWR-336: Health Sector Emergency Preparedness (HSEP)
  • AWR-346: Introduction to Radiological/Nuclear WMD Operations for Law Enforcement
  • AWR-346-1: Introduction to Radiological/Nuclear WMD Operations for Law Enforcement Train-the-Trainer
  • AWR-350: Introduction to Radiological/Nuclear WMD Operations for Emergency Medical Services/Healthcare
  • AWR-356: Community Planning for Disaster Recovery
  • AWR-358: Hazardous Materials Awareness
  • AWR-358-W: Hazardous Materials Awareness
  • AWR-362: Flooding Hazards: Science and Preparedness
  • MGT-460: Planning for Disaster Debris Management
  • MGT-TBD: Decontamination Leader
  • PER-307: Introduction to Improvised Nuclear Device (IND) Effects and Strategies
  • PER-325-W: RadResponder Mobile App
  • PER-332: Population Monitoring at Community Reception Centers
  • PER-343 Social Media Engagement Strategies
  • PER-347: Personal Protective Equipment - Mission-Specific Competencies
  • PER-348: Operations Level Response to Radiological/Nuclear WMD
  • PER-350: PRND Maritime Operations
  • PER-351: Preventive Radiological/Nuclear Detection (PRND) Team Leader
  • MGT-TBA Evacuation Planning Strategies and Solutions

Review the NDPC Upcoming Course document with full course list and course descriptions.