New State Closeout Guidelines

Effective July 1, 2018, DHSEM is implementing new Request for Information (RFI) response guidelines for closeout processing. These guidelines are being implemented in order to move toward compliance with FEMA Public Assistance (PA) project closeout policy. These new guidelines are applicable to all PA closeouts except those that are currently in FEMA’s review queue or closed. It is directed towards the processing of closeouts for non-responsive subrecipients.

During the course of the closeout packet formulation, the State may issue RFIs. The State issues these RFIs in order to adequately support the eligibility of project costs that are being presented to FEMA for reimbursement. When the State does not receive timely responses to these RFIs, additional requests and reminders are required to be sent and result in delaying the time until the closeout can be submitted to FEMA. These delays lead to lack of compliance with FEMA’s PA policy regarding timely submission of closeouts and keeps limited resources from being able to process required closeouts for other subrecipients.

Therefore, effective July 1, 2018, the following guidelines will be implemented to limit these delays by setting fixed deadlines and expectations for Subrecipients to respond to State-issued RFIs:


Outreach Step



Time for Subrecipient to Respond


RFI sent via EMGrantsPro and Email detailing information needed

Sent to Subrecipient contact who submitted the Closeout Request

7 days


Resend RFI by email, EMGrantsPro and notify with a Phone Call

7 days


Send RFI to Supervisor of the closeout contact

7 days


Resend RFI by email, EMGrantsPro and notify with a Phone Call to Supervisor

7 days


Certified letter to Subrecipient that includes RFI

10 days

If all steps fail to solicit the requested information, the closeout packet will be completed and a recommendation for eligible costs will be made by the State based on the available information. This recommendation for FEMA approval may include a reduction from total project costs. Please note, during FEMA’s review of the closeout packet, an additional RFI may be generated and may include similar information as requested by DHSEM.

This policy will be further discussed during the quarterly conference call on 7/10/18.

Please contact your assigned point of contact with any questions or email the PA team at

Thank you,
State of Colorado DHSEM