New DHSEM Status Report on HMGP Funded Acquisitions of Landslide Impacted Properties in Colorado Springs

Update for Week of April 3, 2017

The Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM) continues to wait for a determination from FEMA as it evaluates the DHSEM funding proposal.  The information below remains current.


  • DHSEM has received approval of the Administrative Plan ​ for HMGP DR-4229​  from FEMA.

Current Actions

  • On Wednesday, March 15, ​ DHSEM submitted the Funding Plan to FEMA for the project using monies available from HMGP DR-4229-CO and HMGP-4145-CO. FEMA is reviewing this plan and ​ will either request additional information or approve the proposal.
  • ​DHSEM requested an initial federal award of $3.6 million ​under HMGP DR-4145-CO and $2.4 million under HMGP DR-4229-CO.

Next Steps

  • Upon approval of the Funding Plan, DHSEM expects a formal letter from FEMA identifying project award.
  • DHSEM is currently drafting two State Grant Agreements (one for each HMGP grant) that will be transmitted to the City of Colorado Springs as soon as DHSEM receives the formal award from FEMA.