FY2018 DHSEM Annual Report

From DHSEM Director Kevin R. Klein,

I am pleased to present the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Fiscal Year 2017- 2018 Annual Report. The division had a busy year rebuilding internally as well as assisting other states in their disaster recovery efforts.

Our mission is to “lead and support Colorado’s effort    to prevent, protect, mitigate, respond to and recover from all-hazards events”. Our work touches thousands of emergency management, first responder, private and volunteer organizations, and community members each year. We support:

  • prevention through the Colorado Information Analysis Center (CIAC) and the thousands of information and intelligence products we produce or pass through each year;
  • protection through our cybersecurity and critical infrastructure analysts performing assessments and providing technical guidance to our stakeholders;
  • mitigation through the wide variety of local mitigation projects; response
    through our State Emergency Operations Center activations and our Field Services Team during emergencies; 
  • recovery through the nearly $50 million worth in grants disbursed to state and local jurisdictions as well as our State Recovery Task Force deployed to provide support to local recovery efforts; and,
  • preparedness through training, exercising and planning for the next disaster before it happens.

In addition to these key functions, we also successfully implemented the CDPS Watch Center within the CIAC now sharing situational awareness, providing 24/7 analytical assistance and providing a common operating picture for state leadership as well as our local stakeholders.

This was a year of evolution for our division. We movedThis was a year of evolution for our division away from the effects of the unplanned organizational growth as a result of the 2013 and 2015 disasters and evolved into a more strategic organization that is focused on growing our people, and aligning our structure to our business needs in order to create a prepared, safe and resilient Colorado. We are doing this by consolidating our business functions, taking a deliberate approach to the way we hire and train our staff; formalizing protocols and processes, developing an actionable strategic plan to prioritize our work; and focusing on unity of effort across the division. Over the coming months and years we will focus on the nine areas.

I am proud of the work our staff has accomplished over the last year and the positive impact we’ve made for our communities and people we serve. We are focused on our vision to create a prepared, safe and resilient Colorado!.

Please view our FY2018 DHSEM Annual Report below.