Enhance School Safety Incident Response Grant Recipient Selection Announcement

Grant Announcement

All eligible applications received by the due date of September 4, 2018 were reviewed by the Enhance School Safety Incident Response (ESSIR) Grant Selection Committee, where each member independently scored each provided answer, offered comments, and determined if the application goals and objectives supported the goals and objectives put forth in the enacting legislation (HB18-1413).  Scores were then totaled to arrive at the funding decision.    

Recipient Selection

The GSC has selected:  The Jeffco DeAngelis Foundation, a nonprofit created to enhance school and community safety by facilitating all hazard incident response training for school districts, schools, law enforcement, fire and EMS with a particular emphasis on active attacker events.

Decision Notification

This memorandum constitutes notification of an agency decision.  Any request for reconsideration should be sent to: Austin.geddis@state.co.us by September 20, 2018.

Enhance School Safety Incident Response Program

Program Overview

The Enhance School Safety Incident Response (ESSIR) Grant program enacted by HB18-1413 provides funding to develop best practices and protocols, conduct research and development, and upgrade technology and infrastructure used for training related to school safety incident response. 


Applicants must be a Non-Profit in good Standing, with experience providing training for school safety incident response, experience working with law enforcement, other first responders, schools, school districts, and school personnel in order to apply.

Allowable Use

The program funds may only be used for the following purposes:  Developing and providing training programs, curriculum, seminars, best practices, and protocols related to school safety incident response. As well as conducting research and development related to school safety response , and upgrading technology infrastructure used to provide training and education related to school safety incident response.