DHSEM Status Report on HMGP Funded Acquisitions of Landslide Impacted Properties in Colorado Springs

Update for July 10, 2017

On July 6, 2017  FEMA released the policy, Hazard Mitigation Assistance Acquisition Projects: Hydraulic Fracturing and Horizontal Direction Drilling (FEMA Policy FP-302-094-03).  This policy supersedes FEMA Policy Limits on Subsurface Uses of Hazard Mitigation Assistance Acquired Lands (FP 302-405-164-1).  The release of this policy constitutes the clearing of a significant hurdle moving this project one step closer to FEMA award.  At this time, DHSEM is awaiting formal award prior to entering into a grant agreement with the city.  Upon the execution of the grant agreement, the city will then begin the property acquisition process as outlined in the DHSEM Real Property Acquisition Project Handbook dated May 15, 2017.

Additional information regarding the FEMA Hazard Migation Assistance Grant Program can be found on the FEMA website at: https://www.fema.gov/hazard-mitigation-assistance-grants-policy.