DHSEM Annual Report 2017 Fiscal Year

DHSEM Annual Report Published

"I am pleased to present the Division of Homeland Security and Emergecy Management (DHSEM) Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2017.  This report highlights key division achievements that support the dividion's strategic goals and mission.  It also supports the Colorado department of Public Safety's mission of 'engaged employees working together to safeguard lives and provide diverse public safety services to local communities."

We hope that you will view the annual report, shared below, or download it.  The online version provides additional hyperlinks, as underlined in blue, to direct you to background information on our website.  

This report shares the following information:

  • Message from the Director
  • Who We Are
  • Division Leadership Organization Chart
  • DHSEM Overview
  • Council and Committee Staffing
  • Report of Income
  • Report of Expenditures
  • DHSEM FY 2017 Strategic Goals
  • Strategic Goal #1
  • Strategic Goal #2
  • Strategic Goal #3
  • Strategic Goal #4
  • Strategic Goal #5
  • Strategic Goal #6
  • CIAC Accomplishments by the Numbers
  • Emergency Management Accomplishments by the Numbers
  • Preparedness Office Accomplishments by the Numbers
  • Director's Office Accomplishments by the Numbers
  • FY 2017 Highlights

All of our annual reports are posted to our website under the top tab labeled Info Center and then click on Reports

DHSEM Annual Report FY2017

To view the annual report by PDF please click the downward arrow on the lower navigation bar under the video.  To view in full screen please click the image with the four arrows.  The document is large and may take time to fully load in the full screen mode.