2019 Colorado "Getting it Right" Emergency Management Access & Functional Needs Conference

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Here in Colorado, we are working to make emergency management more inclusive of Colorado’s diverse communities and to integrate access and functional needs in all that we do.

To build networks, knowledge, and resources around doing this work, Colorado's Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM) is hosting it's first “Getting it Right” Emergency Management Access & Functional Needs Conferences. DHSEM is hosting the same one-day conference twice, once on the east side of Colorado, and once on the west side of Colorado in hopes of reaching more audiences across the state.

Additionally, in an effort to remove barriers, DHSEM has arranged for complimentary hotel accommodations for in-state partners traveling more than 50 miles to the conference. This conference is open to Colorado Partners and other national partners. DHSEM and its partners strive to host inclusive and accessible events to empower all individuals, including individuals with disabilities, to engage fully. Accommodation requests can be made during registration.

This year, these one-day conferences will focus on access and functional needs related to inclusive communication, including:

  • Practical planning considerations
  • Information sharing
  • Inclusive training and exercise strategies
  • Resource sharing and networking

“Access and Functional Needs” is a phrase and framework that promotes inclusive emergency preparedness and response. Instead of labeling “vulnerable populations” or “special needs,” the access and functional needs approach identifies five areas that everyone needs to be able to get (access) or do (function) in emergencies, regardless of who we are. Integrating access & functional needs means ensuring our emergency systems support the different ways that Colorado populations achieve these five needs.

C-MIST is a memory tool to remember these access & functional needs areas:

  • Communication
  • Maintaining health
  • Independence
  • Support, Safety, and Self-determination
  • Transportation

Inclusive communication is critical to good community and emergency system outcomes during disasters. DHSEM plans to host similar conferences in future years to focus on each of the C-MIST areas. To learn more about the C-MIST framework and access & functional needs principles, visit:

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