Without you the COVOST really can’t do much of anything.  We need you to partner with us!

Our goal is to join together trusted agents from across Colorado, the United States and the World.  With your help we can provide support to Colorado communities during their time of need. 

What is in it for you?

  • Real World Training and COVOST Trusted Agent Status
  • The COVOST is a leader in the world of Social Media and Emergency Management (SMEM).  We offer monthly training to all of our Trusted Agents.  Training is accomplished via webinar so you never even have to leave your home to experience the benefit.  
  • The training offered by the COVOST is practical, real world social media training.  You will walk away from each session learning at least one or two new tips, tricks and techniques to master the world of social media and online tools. 
  • After you pass your background check you will be officially welcomed onto the team as a COVOST Trusted Agent. This is a coveted title that you can proudly share on your personal social media accounts and resume.  
  • COVOST activations are virtual and thus do not meet the requirements needed to sign off on NWCG or All-Hazard PIO taskbooks.  That said, through our training and activation procedures you will gain real world experience that is more valuable than a simple signature.

What are you committing to?

To retain the COVOST Trusted Agent status you must commit to: 

  • Supporting the COVOST Mission: The mission of the Colorado Virtual Operations Support Team (COVOST) is to support the State of Colorado and our local Colorado communities by providing increased situational awareness through the innovative use of social media and other online tools.
  • Adhering to the rules outlined in the COVOST Handbook
  • Completing the monthly COVOST training and brief assignment (roughly a 2-4 hour monthly commitment)
  • Declare your availability during all activations (even if you are unable to assist)
  • Actively participate in at least one of every three activations.

Ready to sign up? 

Complete the registration form and volunteer agreement.