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Reserve Peace Officer Training Academy Grant

Program Description

The State of Colorado through the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
(DHSEM) is soliciting applications to create a reserve peace officer training academy and to train and
certify a reserve peace officer auxiliary group.

Issued By

Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Program Type


Program Overview and Background

This grant program was created to fund the start-up costs for a reserve peace officer training academy and to train and certify applicants. There are multiple jurisdictions in Colorado that want to collaborate in order to create a shared reserve peace officer auxiliary group that would provide support and  assistance to municipal governments and local, county, and state law enforcement agencies in the state. Members of these groups often work in peace officer positions similar to reserve peace officers, without peace officer training and certification provided by the Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) Board. This grant program provides a one-time funding for a reserve peace officer training academy in order for a political subdivision of the state that is comprised of multiple jurisdictions to create a shared reserve peace officer auxiliary group that better serves local government and local law enforcement agencies in the state.

Program Objectives

Create a reserve peace officer training academy and provide peace officer training and certification
for approximately 200 applicants.


  • “Award” means a financial assistance that provides support to accomplish a public purpose given by the state to an eligible recipient.
  • “Period of Performance” means the period of time during which the recipient is required to complete the grant activities and to incur and expend approved funds.
  • “Cost Share/Match” means the portion of a project cost borne by the recipient.
  • “Pre-award Costs” means costs incurred by a recipient before the grant was awarded.

Award Information

  • Maximum Award Amount: $800,000
  • Period of Performance: 17 Months
  • Period of Performance Start Date: January 30, 2018
  • Period of Performance End Date: June 30, 2019
  • Funding Instrument: Discretionary Grant

Eligible Applicants

  • Applicant must be a political subdivision of the State of Colorado that is comprised of multiple jurisdictions and that is formed for the purpose of funding a reserve peace officer academy in order to apply.
  • Eligible Applicants must obtain a training academy certification from the Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) Board during the performance period of the award or the grant funds will be subject to return to the State.
  • The grant funds may only be used for training and certification related activities and not for capital expenditure.

In addition to other considerations, the following criteria will be evaluated in awarding the grant:

  • Existing access to start-up capital;
  • Costs incurred prior to receiving a grant award; and
  • The capacity to serve communities statewide; and
  • The ability to assist law enforcement agencies in times of need.

Cost Share or Match

Although cost share is not a required for this grant, it is highly encouraged to provide match to show a commitment to this project. This additional funding will need to be identified and documented in the application.

Application and Submission Information

  • Application Submission Deadline: November 30, 2017; 5 p.m. MST 
  • Anticipated Funding Selection date: December 31, 2017
  • Anticipated award date: January 30, 2018
  • Applications that are not submitted by the stated Application Submission Deadline will not be reviewed or considered for funding.

How to Apply

Please email your application to Esther Son at or 720-852-6606.

Funding Restrictions

  • Management and Administration (M&A) Costs
  • Up to 3% of the grant award can be used for M&A activities.

Pre-award costs

Pre Award Costs are not allowed under this program.


Please contact Esther Son at or 720-852-6606.

Download a PDF version of this Reserve Peace Office Training Academy grant announcement.