Governor's Cybersecurity Council Members

Council Members

Council membership is Revised Statute 24-33.5-1901 and 1902 outline the membership.

Member Information
John Hickenlooper, Governor, State of Colorado, Chairperson
Stan Hilkey, Executive Director Colorado Department of Public Safety 
Sumana Nallapati, Chief Information Officer, Governor’s Office of Information Technology 
Debbie Blythe, Chief Information Security Officer, Governor’s Office of Information Technology 
Michael Loh, Adjutant General, Department of Veterans Affairs 
Stephanie Copeland, Executive Director, Office of Economic Development and International Trade
Jay Lindell, Director, Aerospace and Defense Industry Champion in the Colorado Office of Economic Development 
Henry Sobanet, Director, Governor’s Office of State Planning 
Barbara Brohl, Executive Director, Colorado Department of Revenue 
Bob Jaros, State Controller 
Cynithia Coffman, Attorney General, Office of the Attorney General 
Doug Dean, Director, Public Utilities Commission 
Matt Devlin, Deputy State Auditor designee for State Auditor
Trace Ridpath, Chairman, Cybersecurity Subcommittee, Homeland Security and All-Hazards Senior Advisory Committee 
Kevin Klein, Director, Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Isaac Martinez, Representative of the Colorado National Guard appointed by the Adjunct Genral of the Department of Military Affairs
Martin Wood, Senior Vice Chancellor of University Advancement, University of Colorado Colorado Springs, Representing institutions of higher education
Simon Tafoya, Governor's Office Staff
Adam Zarrin, Governor's Office Staff
Bill Waggoner, Cybersecurity Director, Office of the Attorney General