Cybersecurity HSAC Subcommittee


A cybersecurity subcommittee works under the Homeland Security and All-Hazards Senior Advisory Committee. 


The scope of the Cyber Subcommittee of the Homeland Security and All-hazards Senior Advisory Committee (HSAC), represents jurisdictions and other entities having cybersecurity responsibilities within the State of Colorado.


To assist in the identification and development and implementation of best practices related to Cybersecurity to prevent the loss of critical information, disruption of critical services, or the loss of lives due to attacks against technological systems in the State of Colorado. 

Through collaborative and innovative efforts, the Cybersecurity Subcommittee is charged with providing findings and recommendations to the HSAC in order to implement the best cybersecurity practices across the State of Colorado. 

Efforts should include, however, are not limited to the following:

  • Carrying out and managing tasks related to the cybersecurity goal in the 2019-2023 Colorado Homeland Security Strategy (CHSS)

  • Reporting progress of CHSS tasks and objectives to the HSAC on a quarterly basis

  • Researching best cybersecurity practices from local, state, federal jurisdictions, private sector entities, and other institutions

  • Researching and making recommendations based on emerging threats or latest trends in cybersecurity

  • Recommending policy and procedures that improve cybersecurity across the State of Colorado

  • Making policy recommendations to the Governor’s Cyber Security Council

  • Developing recommendations for training and education in the area of cybersecurity

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