Use the resource links below to access credentialing resources.  For assistance or questions: State administrator point of contact DHSEM Logistics Chief Jeremy Utter.

Resource Links


Emergency Support Function (ESF)  Credential Program Guidance
ESF1: Transportation Personnel
ESF2: Communications Personnel  [Under Development]
ESF3: Public Works Personnel  [Under Development]
ESF4: Firefighting Personnel
ESF5: Emergency Operations Center Personnel
ESF5: Incident Management Team Personnel
ESF6: Mass Care, Housing and Human Services Personnel
ESF7: Logistics Personnel (Under Development)
ESF8: Public Health and Medical Services Personnel
ESF9: Ground Search and Rescue Personnel   [Under Development]
ESF9: Urban Search and Rescue Personnel
ESF10: Hazardous Materials Personnel
ESF11: Agriculture and Natural Resources Personnel
ESF12: Utilities Personnel  [Under Development]
ESF13: Law Enforcement Personnel [email for information]
ESF14: Long-Term Community Reocvery Personnel
ESF15: Public Information and External Communications Personnel



Salamander System Specific Guidance
Salamander System Base Plan Document
Attachment A: Template Installer Update Procedure
Attachment B: How to Create an Organization Using Salamander
Attachment C: How to Add Personnel Using Salamander
Attachment D: How to Add a System Administrator Using Salamander
Attachment E: Permissions Matrix
Attachment F: Explanation of Card Field and Source Data
Attachment G: How to Print Cards