CIAC Mission

CIAC Mission

The mission of the Colorado Information Analysis Center is to serve as the focal point within the state for receiving, analyzing and sharing threat-related information among private sector, local, tribal, and federal partners.

Colorado Information Analysis Center

Who We Are

The Colorado Information Analysis Center, (CIAC) focuses on preventing acts of terrorism, taking an all-crimes, all-hazard approach. We are a centralized resource that gathers, analyzes and disseminates all-hazards information to private sector, local, state, tribal, and federal stakeholders throughout Colorado and the United States.

The Center serves as the state's fusion center, a multidiscipline, multi-agency network of professionals from private sector, local, state, tribal and federal partners conducting analysis and sharing information to prevent, protect and respond to crimes and potential or actual acts of terrorism.  The CIAC is one component of the national network of fusion center, which are an integral part of  the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's strategic initiative for information sharing.

The CIAC ensures a coordinated information exchange using the following strategies:

  • Information gathering and analysis.

​The CIAC is responsible for the receipt, review, analysis and dissemination of pertinent homeland security intelligence.  As the designated state fusion center, the CIAC is the primary link between private sector, local, state, tribal and federal partners to prevent major criminal threats, including acts of terrorism.

  • Dissemination of reports and best practices.

​The CIAC produces reports for law enforcement and non-law enforcement personnel in a timely manner for the purpose of information sharing on criminal acts that may be related to acts of terrorism or terrorism threats that may directly affect Colorado.

  • Integration with a national fusion network.

​The CIAC is integrated into the national network of state fusion centers, which have the ability to share information at all levels with federal, state, tribal and local agencies.

Protecting Your Privacy and Civil Rights

The CIAC's Privacy Policy complies with applicable laws protecting privacy, civil rights and civil liberties, including 28 CFR Part 23. This policy supports timely information sharing while still protecting the privacy, civil rights and civil liberties of individuals and groups. All CIAC personnel, as well as individuals permanently assigned to the Center from other agencies, part-time employees, interns, and Terrorism Liaison Officers must complete the privacy training and comply with the Center's privacy policy to work with the CIAC. The Center's policy was approved by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Colorado Attorney Generals' Office in 2010 and is available to the public upon request.