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READYColorado Blog: Resolve to be #COReady. Preparedness Starts with You.

Preparedness starts with you.  As you begin considering your 2018 resolutions we ask you to consider dedicating this year to preparedness.  We hope you will join us in making Colorado the most prepared state in the nation.

You can start today by “Resolving to be #COReady in 2019”.  Take action today with any of these steps:

FEMA Seeks Feedback on Supply Chain Resilience Guide

A message from DHSEM's Private Sector Liaison
Private sector stakeholders may be particularly interested in the six-step process described in Comprehensive Preparedness Guide (CPG) 101: Developing and Maintaining Emergency Operations Plans that focus on supply chain operations.  Below is a statement from FEMA with a request for your feedback on the Supply Chain Resilience Guide

READYColorado Blog: Black Friday: A Great Deal for ID Thieves and Scam Artists

The holiday season is upon us.  Black Friday is this week and the retail stores have been bombarding us with advertising for their Black Friday specials. Do you plan all year for those Black Friday shopping deals? Do you camp out to be the first through the doors when they open after Thanksgiving dinner? Beware! You may be camping with the enemy. Identity thieves and scam artists plan all year for this shopping holiday. To continue with our campaign for Colorado Consumer Protection Month, we have a few helpful tips to help you reduce your risk of being a victim: