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DHSEM Overview

Since 2012, the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management has grown exponentially. We have been tested with the fires and floods of 2013 and 2015. We have been challenged with the merging of three different entities from different departments while responding and recovering from one of the worst disasters in the State’s history. We have shown our own resiliency by rising to the challenge and meeting our Department’s vision of “Creating safer and more resilient communities across Colorado”. 

Today, the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, has three Offices — Office of Emergency Management, Colorado Information Analysis Center, and Office of Preparedness — and is an agency within Colorado Department of Public Safety. The division follows the five mission areas of emergency management: prevention, protection, mitigation, response and recovery.

The Division leads the State’s response to emergencies and disasters while providing for the safety and welfare of its citizens. We support Colorado communities through a comprehensive, consolidated, and coordinated program of mitigating hazards, preparing for emergencies, preventing attacks, and responding and recovering from events that occur without regard to cause. We unite Colorado's preparedness and response capabilities across multiple agencies and jurisdictions to ensure the safety and welfare of our residents. When necessary, the division serves as the conduit for assistance from the Federal government. We also lead state agencies and coordinate with local agencies to ensure that resources are available to protect lives, property, and the environment from all hazards both intentional and unintentional events.

While our roles may be different, our goal is the same in each Office — Office of Emergency Management, Colorado Information Analysis Center and Office of Preparedness — collectively and individually play an integral role in supporting and keeping Colorado communities safe. 

Office Level Organization Charts

Committee, Commission, Council Staffing

In addition to its operational responsibilities, Division staff support various statutorily created councils, commissions and committees that assist the State in preparing, preventing, mitigating, responding and recovering from a disaster, including terrorism.

Homeland Security and All-Hazards Senior Advisory Committee (HSAC)

This 21 member committee is an advisory committee to the State’s Homeland Security Advisor. This Committee is supported various DHSEM staff. More information can be found at on the HSAC tab.

Colorado Emergency Planning Commission (CEPC)

The Colorado Emergency Planning Commission (CEPC) was formed in compliance with the 1986 Federal Superfund and Reauthorization Act (SARA/Title III) which required each state to appoint a state emergency response commission focused on hazardous materials incidents. This Commission is supported by OEM staff. More information can be found at on the CEPC tab. 

Governor’s Cybersecurity Council

The Governor’s Cybersecurity Council was legislatively created in 2016 and operates as a steering group to develop cybersecurity policy guidance for the governor, develop comprehensive goals, requirements, initiatives, and milestones, and to coordinate with the general assembly and the judicial branch regarding cybersecurity. This Council is supported by the CIAC staff.

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