Work Life Programs

The Work Life Program strives to support a productive and performance-driven workplace by balancing the need between work and life

responsibilities. These options include:


  1. Flexible Work Arrangements

  2. Employee Discounts

  3. Resource and Referral information

which offer innovative and flexible management tools. These options are based on the core values of trust, respect, and support.

  • Work-Life options are intended to support getting work done efficiently, in a culture that enhances service and satisfaction by making the work environment a better place to work through innovative options and manager awareness.

  • Managers are encouraged to engage in partnerships with employees to address issues and solve problems, as well employees are also intended to benefit from work-life and related programs by using the flexible tools and options provided. 

  • This should help employees with the everyday balance between their job and life responsibilities.

  • It is our policy, as an employer, that work-related family issues has been established through Executive Orders and a Joint House Resolution.  

  • Other executive orders address job sharing and flextime for employees in the state personnel system.

  • Joint Resolution 99-1044 encourages the use of certain work-life options as a means to address traffic congestion. 

  • Work-Life options are not an employee right or benefit and implementation decisions rest solely with the appointing authority.

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