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Welcome to the Center for Organizational Effectiveness (COE). COE designs and delivers exceptional training and professional development opportunities for State employees that enhance capacity, maximize efficiency and are linked to organizational goals. We accomplish this through personal, professional and organizational development and training opportunities. 



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Featured Workshop


Communicating to Manage Performance




Course Overview

This course is designed to assist supervisors and managers in effective performance management.  This one-day workshop is a dynamic skills-based course designed to empower aspiring & current supervisors, managers and team leaders to build performance every day, through effective, consistent communication. The topics include clear communication, ownership of behavior, positive performance feedback, active listening, acknowledgement of ideas, and appropriate feedback for improvement

Participants will be provided printed participant’s guide, some handouts and supporting course materials.


Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

·         Communicate clearly to set performance expectations

·         Describe employee behavior through positive feedback reinforcement

·         Understand and value others through active listening

·         Acknowledge ideas for continuous improvement

·         Coaching for performance through corrective feedback

·         Creates and environment of open, clear communication

·         Employees feel valued and motivated

·         Increased employee awareness of performance expectations.

·         The culture embraces new ideas and innovative thinking




Dates of Upcoming Workshops 

May 2017

Leading with Influence