Total Compensation

The State of Colorado provides employees with a competitive totals reward package that includes compensation and benefits to support recruiting, retaining and motivating a qualified workforce to provide Colorado citizens and visitors with efficient, effective and elegant services. 

The Total Rewards package is designed to:  

  • Provide employees with competitive compensation 
  • Reward performance
  • Ensure that health and dental benefits are competitive with market and support a healthy workforce
  • Provide a broad range of financial benefits to employees and their families including a comprehensive leave package, life insurance and short-term disability 
  • Offer several retirement plan options  


Form 1095

Beginning this year, the federal government requires that each employee receive a Form 1095. Federal law requires your employer to fill it out and provide it to you no later than March 31, 2016. The Form 1095 reports whether your employer offered you health coverage for the 2015 tax year, if that coverage was affordable under ACA standards and details the cost of your health coverage.  Learn more at

Total Compensation

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