The sole purpose of our organization is to control the mosquito populations within District #1. We strive to do that by using a variety of mosquito control methods that are effective for vector (disease carrying organisms) control yet provide minimal risk to residents and to the environment. Consequently, our primary focus is to identify and treat the areas where mosquito larvae thrive.

Welcome to CSEAP

Welcome to the Chatfield South Water District

The following information can be found on our website:

  • The principal address of the District
  • Contact information for the District Manager
  • Information about the Board Members of the District and their terms of office
  • Information about the regularly scheduled board meetings, locations, and posting places
  • Information about the District's mill levy and ad valorem tax revenue
  • Election information

Regency Metropolitan District

We have put our District information online to provide convenience, online services and information sharing. On our site you'll find agendas and minutes, news and announcements. In our Resource Center, you'll find such things as financial information, Board meeting information and important documents and forms.