Government​ ​Performance​ ​Solutions (GPS)

Three Day Lean Boot Camp

Who Should Attend?

Anyone with a passion for making things better!

This course is designed for individuals interested in:

  • Developing improvement skills through hands-on application
  • Using customer feedback to improve processes
  • Applying both common sense and data to guide decisions
  • Advancing a continuous improvement mindset

Why Enroll?

We each have challenges to SOLVE for our customers!

The GPS Lean Foundations three day course:

  • Uses government-based simulations & hands-on exercises—No death by PowerPoint!
  • Is taught by pros who have completed 100s of Lean projects with Colorado state agencies
  • Equips you to SOLVE problems practically and promptly
  • Entitles you to 1-on-1 coaching as you SOLVE problems

How Will I Be Supported?

You will receive individualized coaching to SOLVE a real problem within your agency! 

GPS will be with you every step of the way.  Here’s what to expect:

Before training:

  • Converse with GPS  and your sponsor to set expectations
  • Identify a problem to SOLVE, something meaningful to you and your customers
  • Take a pre-course assessment

After training:

  • Work with peers to SOLVE the problem you identified
  • Access personalized coaching from a GPS pro
  • Measure your impact & share your results
  • Complete a post-course assessment

The cost for this workshop is $3,270.00 per participant.



What happens during the course?

You will learn practical skills by doing. Improving processes is a hands-on pursuit, so we model that in the classroom. You will work with a team of your peers from different agencies to tackle a simulated problem and apply the Lean tools in the SOLVE framework. You’ll spend time in discussion with your cohort, sharing what you know and learning from them. We also dedicate time to discussing strategies to tackle your own project.

I am a senior-level leader.  Whom should I send to Lean Foundations?

This course is for all State employees with a passion for improvement. The attributes of an ideal participant include:  willingness to change (not afraid to ask “why do we do it this way”), respected by peers, persistent and takes initiative.

How much on-demand coaching do I get?

Each participant receives 4 hours of on-demand coaching. This can occur in one block but will more likely be spread over several interactions. You can use this time to plan your project, discuss approaches, ask clarifying questions or have a GPS trainer create feedback by observing you in action. We are here for you!

What does it mean to be a “sponsor” of someone going through the course?

Sponsors are managers in a participant’s organization. They have three obligations:  1) Approve the funding for the course, 2) Help select a project or problem to solve that is meaningful to the organization, and 3) support the participant as they SOLVE problems (e.g. remove barriers, clarify expectations, etc.).

What happens if I can’t attend all 3-days of training?

If you have a known conflict, please sign up for a later class when you can dedicate the time. Life does happen, though, so if an emergency pulls you out of class, we’ll work with you to cover the material you missed either off-line or work you into the next class.

Why do I have to complete a project or solve an issue?

This course is designed to teach you to make real change that benefits our agencies, our customers and our citizens. We learn best by doing and we must deliver a return for the investment made into each participant. 

How much time will it take me to complete a project or solve an issue?

No two projects are the same, but most Lean projects last days to weeks. Projects that could take months or years might be better broken into smaller chunks to gain incremental improvements.

My Lean Champion already gave me a PDF of the SOLVE Guide, why should I attend the training?

The SOLVE guide is a critical resource and it contains most of the knowledge we cover in the course. We use the course time to apply this knowledge in a way that develops your problem-solving skills.

Our director/supervisor is leaving, will this training still be relevant?

Yes—leaders play a role in process improvement, but it is ALL of our jobs to improve our processes each day. Our customers deserve our best and we should all be engaged in making things simpler.

I have previous Lean training, are there more advanced trainings that I could enroll in?

Yes, GPS offers courses for senior leaders looking to shape a continuous improvement culture and a facilitator course for those looking to lead larger-scale projects.

What have other people who attended the training said about it?

You can click here for testimonials of past course participants.

Can I talk to someone who attended the training to find out what they thought?

Certainly.  A listing of course attendees is available here.  Please be respectful of their time.