Report a Property Loss

If the total property loss is worth more than $5000, please report the loss to the State Office of Risk Management using the Property/Boiler/Crime Loss Form as soon as the loss is discovered. Please e-mail the completed Property/Boiler/Crime Loss Form and any photographs, estimates or quotes to repair the damaged or stolen State owned property to Nick Witkowski. The reporting agency will pay the first $5000 per occurrence deductible of their claim per Section 9. 24-30-1510.5(3)(a)(IV), C.R.S.

If the damage or stolen total property loss is worth less than the $5000 per occurrence agency deductible, it is up to the reporting agency to handle the replacement and/or repair of the property.

It is the responsibility of the reporting agency to take the necessary steps in order to prevent any further damages from occurring. The mitigation efforts and costs associated with the loss will be taken into account when assessing the final costs of the claim.

In instances where there are multiple losses to state owned property from a single event (i.e. hail storm, tornado, etc.), the $5000 deductible will be split amongst the reporting agencies depending on their percentage of the total loss.

Claims are processed once the loss is received by the State Office of Risk Management, an action form with a claim number will be generated and sent back to the reporting agency within 5 business days. The action form is for your records as a receipt of filing a property loss with our office. The reporting agency will be contacted by one of our insurance adjusters to obtain more information about the loss and in some cases schedule a walkthrough of the damaged property. If the employee reporting the property loss is not the main point of contact for the claim, please note who the adjuster should contact in the loss description field. Please supply us with the employee’s name, building address, contact phone number and e-mail address.


Property Loss Checklist