Professional Development Programs

State of Colorado Leadership Development Program

It takes highly skilled and incredible people to lead within the State of Colorado. The State’s Leadership Development Program is designed to provide leaders with in-depth experiences, targeted classroom training across a range of leadership skills and helps build on the strengths of leaders we rely on within our organization. Read more.

State of Colorado Supervisory Certificate Program

The State Supervisory Certificate Program consists of a series of five core competency based classes. An additional elective class of the participants choosing is also required. Elective classes must be taken through the Statewide Training & Development Center. Participants will be required to complete the five core courses and the elective in order to receive the certificate. Participants may enroll at anytime and must complete the requirements within 12 months in order to receive certification. This delivery method allows for absorption and practical application between sessions.. Read more

State of Colorado Safety Fundamentals Certificate Program

In an effort to build a safety culture statewide, employees must take responsibility for their personal safety but also know how to do just that. This certificate program offers comprehensive training on developing, implementing and managing safety and health-related systems within the work we do every day.  The program covers areas from leadership in safety to workers' compensation to specific safety standards.  The commitment requires six core classes and three electives to be completed within 18 months in order to receive certification.  Read more.