Personal Services Contracts

The review and approval process of personal services contracts supports the business needs of the State through the outsourcing of certain kinds of work while maintaining the integrity of the state personnel system. Work commonly and historically performed by state personnel can be outsourced, provided it meets the standards set forth in C.R.S. 24-50-501 through 514 and Chapter 10 of the Director's Rules.

The Division of Human Resources provides guidance on the statutes and procedures that govern the process for review and approval of personal services contracts. Our cost comparison worksheet and instructions provides information on contract types and object codes to assist state HR professionals with ensuring the necessary forms and documentation are obtained to conduct the personal services review. 

The Division of Human Resources Compensation Unit provides guidance and training on independent contractors and establishes waivers on specified State price agreements where individual personal services review is not required. See House Bill HB 93-1212 for more information regarding contracts. In addition, the background on privatization lends further insight into the history of outsourcing in state government. These technical documents were created to help the state HR community to better understand the personnel system, its rules, procedures, and programs.

Additional Information

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