2018 Flu Shot Clinics

The 2018 Flu Shot Clinics are underway, and it's time to protect yourself from getting sick!

The clinics are being held onsite at a location near you from September 26 to November 5, 2018. The October and November clinic schedule is available as a PDF.

Here is some helpful information to help you prepare for your agency's scheduled clinic date.

Who is eligible to receive vaccines at this clinic?
Children must be 7 years or older. Those under 7 may only receive a flu shot at Walgreens' in-store healthcare clinics.

Can I receive a flu shot if I am uninsured or forget my medical ID card?
Yes! Flu shots will be available for uninsured and for those who forget their medical ID card at a cost of $35. Accepted methods of payments include check, credit card, or cash in exact change.

What do I do if my agency is not hosting a clinic?
If your agency is not hosting an event, please contact state_benefits@state.co.us to determine which agency's clinic your employees can attend. Employees near the Capitol Hill area are welcome to attend DPA's clinic on Oct. 30 from 8am - 12pm at 1525 Sherman St.

Do I need to register for my agency's 2018 Flu Shot Clinic?
Employees do not need to register for flu shots. Employees can show up on the day of the clinic with their health insurance card and receive a flu shot.