2016 Flu Shot Clinics Start Soon!

It's that time of year again. The leaves start to change, that warm summer air becomes a chilly breeze, and flu season begins!

The 2016 State of Colorado Flu Shot Clinics are being held onsite at location near you from September 26 to November 16, 2016. 

Here is some helpful information to help you prepare for your agency's scheduled clinic date. 

Who is eligible to receive vaccines at this clinic?
Children must be 7 years or older. Those under 7 may only receive a flu shot at Walgreens' in-store healthcare clinics. 
What types of Flu vaccines will be offered?
Two flu vaccines will be available:
1. Trivalent, Preservative Free. This vaccine is recommended for all, included pregnant women. 
2. High Dose. This vaccine will be offered to those over 65. 
What other vaccines will be available?
Two types of Pneumonia vaccines will be offered: 
1. Pneumovax - This vaccine is given once, after the age of 65, or for those of any age with risk factors such as diabetes, smoking, heart conditions or other chronic illnesses.
2. Prevnar - This vaccine is given once per lifetime, only for those 65 or older. 
TDAP (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Whooping Cough): 
This vaccine is only needed once and helps protect both the patient and those who have weaker immune systems. It is highly recommended for those who have contact with infants and young children.  
Can I receive a flu shot if I am uninsured or forget my medical ID card?
Yes! Flu shots will be available for uninsured and for those who forget their medical ID card at a cost of $23. Accepted methods of payments include check, credit card, or cash in exact change. 
When will my agency's 2016 Flu Shot Clinic be?
Please see the below fliers for 2016 Flu Shot Clinic dates.
Do I need to register for my agency's 2016 Flu Shot Clinic?
Employees do not need to register for flu shots. Employees can show up on the day of the clinic with their health insurance card and receive a flu shot.