Life Insurance

2017-18 Information for Minnesota Life

There are no changes to optional life insurance benefits for the upcoming plan year.

There are separate premiums for employees and spouses/ domestic partners/civil union partners. For optional child life insurance, eligible children may be covered up to age 26 (coverage terminates the end of the month turning 26).

Evidence of Insurability (EOIs) MUST be completed when an employee or spouse/domestic partner/civil union partner is applying for new coverage or increasing coverage during open enrollment. This process will occur in the online Benefits Administration System (BAS). At the conclusion of your open enrollment choices, you will be offered a button to begin the EOI process. You complete the EOI form online and submit it immediately and electronically to Minnesota Life Insurance Company. Children with optional child life coverage must be listed— name, age, social security number—and the optional child life insurance must be indicated for the child by clicking the “yes” button next to their names on the screen for optional child life insurance.

Spouses/domestic partners/civil union partners and eligible children added to optional life insurance during open enrollment must be verified by providing the appropriate documentation to your agency benefit administrator. 


If your spouse/domestic partner/civil union partner or child is also a State employee, they may be covered for their own optional life as an employee or as a spouse/domestic partner/civil union partner or child under your plan, but not both. Double optional life coverage is not allowed. 

More Information

Basic and Optional Life Coverage provided by Minnesota Life with a Dedicate Customer Service Line 1-877-828-7728 for questions on claims, evidence of insurability forms, coverage, portability, and conversion.

Send an email to to ask a benefits question anytime.