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****NOTICE**** The Colorado Department of Trasporation (CDOT) computer systems that were infected by malware are mostly up and running. This will still result in a significant delay in reviewing your claims involving CDOT. We thank you for your patience during this inconvenience and will diligently work to review your claims and keep you informed of the situation. 

The state is self-insured for liability losses and is responsible for processing claims brought against state agencies and state employees.  Protection for liability for State departments and employees is provided under the terms of the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act (CGIA) (Section 24-10-101, C.R.S. et seq.) and the Risk Management Act (RMA) (Section 24-30-1501, C.R.S. et seq.). Some higher education institutions do not participate in the risk management program and are not subject to the RMA.


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