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2014-15 Open Enrollment Information for Kaiser Permanente (APRIL 22 - MAY 15, 2014)

HMO Co-Pay Option 
This plan offers predictable out-of-pocket costs, and prescription drug coverage. There is no deductible and some copays count towards the out-of-pocket maximum. 

FY 2014-15 Summary of Benefits: HMO Co-Pay 
FY 2013-14 Summary of Benefits: HMO Co-Pay 
FY 2014-15 Summary Plan Description: HMO Co-Pay

Here are a few changes to the plan this year:
  • Copayments and cost sharing for essential benefits will apply toward the annual out-of- pocket maximum

High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) with HSA

The HDHP with HSA is a high deductible health plan that allows you to open a compatible Health Savings Account (HSA) at any financial institution of your choice. An HSA is your own personal bank account for qualified health care expenses. 
There were no changes to the plan this year. 
  • Same great doctors
  • Same personalized attention
  • Same convenient locations
  • Same health resources

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Kaiser Permanente customer service - Denver/Boulder:  303--338-3800 / Southern Colorado:  1-888-681-7878 / Northern Colorado:  1-800-632-9700 (questions regarding bills, procedures, prescriptions, locations, and doctors) or visit www.kp.org for more information. 

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