Flexible Work Arrangement Tools for Employees

The use of all of forms, tools, and checklists on this page are not mandatory. Please

check with your supervisor and HR office to see if your department has different forms

and resources in place.


What is an employee's first step?


  1. First, check with your supervisor and/or HR office to identify and review your organization's policy on flexible work arrangements and whether your organization uses any different forms or processes.

  2. It is also important to understand that all flexible work arrangements must be approved by your supervisor.

  3. Flexible work arrangements are not an employee benefit or right and may not be approved for any business reason. 

What next? Two things;

  1. if your organization has a policy and allows flexible work arrangements, review the FWA introduction and frequently asked questions documents, and

  2. complete an employee self assessment                                      


And then?


You are now ready to request a flexible work arrangement. Complete an application and agreement, where applicable.

  1. Flexplace Agreement   

  2. Flexplace Application   

  3. Flextime Application and Agreement   

The last step is to take everything you have completed and meet with your supervisor for FWA approval consideration.