What is the role of the Statewide Training & Development Center?

The role of the Statewide Training & Development Center (STADC) is to assist in the provision of training for all State employees in the most cost effective manner. The STADC offers direct training opportunities which are listed on the website.

The STADC is also responsible for approving contracted employee training offered in all State agencies. A training waiver is required in these cases. The STADC is developing a Training Advisory Council which will provide opportunities to assess training needs, facilitate collaboration in the provision of training and determine the most appropriate methods for providing training system wide.

What is a training waiver?
A training waiver is a request for approval for contracting with an outside vendor to provide training. The State Training Administrator reviews waivers and determines approval based on an internal ability to provide the training, cost effectiveness and the rationale provided by the person requesting the waiver.

Why do we need a training waiver?
State Statute 24-50-122 requires the State Personnel Director to approve all expenditures for employee training. The STADC manages training waiver approvals as agent for this process. The STADC also utilizes training waiver requests to determine training needs.

Do I need a training waiver for attending a professional conference?

What if the Statewide Training & Development Center doesn't offer training we need?
The STADC is happy to work with you to determine if we can customize training or provide it through our partners. The more notice we have, the more likely we can be helpful. If neither of those alternatives is possible, you may request a training waiver.

Why do we have to pay for classes through the STADC?
The Statewide Training & Development Center is a cash funded program and charges only what is necessary to cover costs. We strive to keep our tuition competitive and provide the best and most cost effective training. As internal consultants, we understand the unique perspective of working within the State system that outside vendors may not. We reinvest tuition into developing and sustaining a valuable resource for all state employees.

How do I get more information?
For more information regarding training or consultation, please contact us directly at the STADC training mailbox  or call 303-866-2439.

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