Dispute Resolution

A grievance is a complaint filed by an employee with the employee's agency regarding working conditions when the employee's pay, status or tenure has not been affected.  A grievance must be filed on an agency form or the State Personnel Board's grievance form


A department may provide its own grievance process for the handling of grievances within its agency so long as that process does not conflict with the Board Rules.  Please contact your department's human resources offices to determine whether your department has a departmental grievance procedure.


The Board's grievance procedure rules - Board Rules 8-5, 8-6, and 8-7 - provide the circumstances and parameters under which a grievance may be filed at the agency level and appealed to the Board. Board Rule 8-5 specifies those matters that may not be grieved or appealed. Board Rule 8-6 provides an employee with the right to ask the Board to review an agency's final decision and determine whether the employee may be granted a hearing (referred to overall as the discretionary hearing process). Board Rule 8-7 explains the status of a grievance after an employee's separation from service or restoration to a position following involuntary separation.


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